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Officers and staff are requesting access to their information and applications instantly from wherever they are. With a need to improve collaboration and support mobile working, a strong digital workplace is needed


Digital transformation is essential in order to deliver a modern and efficient policing service.

This transformation should include utilisation of cloud services, artificial intelligence and process automation, to take full advantage of the modern workplace.

Before this can happen, police forces need to remove the barriers holding them back in terms of legacy infrastructure and applications.


Overcoming the hurdles

Most UK forces are struggling to support their legacy end user environments, leading to them to spending disproportionate effort in delivering day-to-day services. This leaves no opportunity to drive innovation that would deliver maximum value to the officers.

When Windows 7 support reaches end of life in 2020, forces will need to be prepared. Now is the time for them to be planning and executing how they will move to a Windows 10 solution.

By utilising Windows 10, forces will be able to overcome collaboration and data access barriers, whilst providing a fully supported device infrastructure, which meets the security and compliance requirements of the police sector.


Desktop as a Service

Through a Windows 10 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution, officers and staff can access critical applications, whenever and wherever required, whilst protecting the underlying infrastructure’s integrity.

DaaS ensures ongoing security, compliance and availability of applications. Hosted on a secure and resilient cloud platform, DaaS allows rapid provision of users and offers flexible device options, so that users can work from any location on their preferred device. DaaS fully supports Bring Your Own Device initiatives to allow officers and staff to securely access applications using their own technology.

The SCC DaaS solution is delivered as a managed service to maintain desktop profiles and operating systems to current vendor releases. Forces benefit from continuous support hours, guaranteed service levels and predictable monthly costs. The service is charged on a per user basis scaling up and down as requirements change to ensure forces only pay for active users.


Gain more

We engage with police forces to understand how their workplace operates and co-develop their transformation to a digital workplace. Using our methodology, EUC Consult™ we support police forces in a rapid transformation to the Windows 10 workplace that is specifically architected to their requirements.

We provide a full spectrum of strategic advice, architecture and design, deployment and delivery programmes to support transformation objectives, together with providing a fully managed workplace service. We can design, deploy and manage:


Digital User Platforms– including Microsoft Office 365, Azure tenancy, user adoption or identity management.

Digital Delivery Platforms– including enterprise management systems, application packaging and management or endpoint security.

Digital Workplaces– through Desktop as a Service, device maintenance and end user support services such as next generation Service Desks.


With DaaS, forces can gain from cost effectiveness, better security and compliance, increased mobility and flexibility.