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Public Safety Roadshow

– 12th February and 14th February 2019 –

12th February 2019 – Rigby Group PLC, 80 Brook Street, London, W1K 5EG

14th February 2019 – Mallory Court, Harbury Ln, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 9QB

SCC has developed a deep understanding of UK Policing through many years of strategic partnership. We understand that tough operational and business challenges are shaping the future of emergency services. In the face of reduced budgets, changing public and social needs, Forces are seeking to transform ways of working to allow more effective engagement with the communities they serve.


Come and join us at:

  • Rigby Group PLC | Tuesday, 12 February
  • Mallory Court | Thursday, 14 February


These are designed to be a unique and stimulating opportunity for you to explore how the SCC Innovation group and its partners are providing access to some of the most impactful technologies available to enhance and simplify operational policing; but also recognise that the real challenge is to enable digital transformation that is focused on and supports

the human aspects of policing that digital solutions can never replace.


Through the lens of the SCC Innovation Group we will showcase how, through our Innovation eco-system, we are developing industry leading solutions for video analytics, cyber forensics and situational awareness. In practical terms this means giving UK policing the ability to use technology to assist in the process of crime detection and prevention, through the use of video analytics, situational awareness/resource coordination and forensic cyber analysis and perpetrator detection.


You will have the chance to interact with our presenters and other delegates. The atmosphere will be relaxed but we do urge you to ask questions and challenge our presenters – we will endeavour to ensure your questions are answered on the day or by follow up. There will be no sell and the event will be as interactive as our guests would like to make it.



AllBreakfast will be served
10:00Introduction and Innovation in SCCIan Sherratt – Chief Innovation Officer, SCCEvent introduction and positioning of SCC Emergency Services business.

How is SCC and the wider Rigby Group helping established vendor partners, SMEs and emerging businesses establish a foothold in the Emergency Services sector?

10:25SCC Video Analytics ServiceIan Sherratt – Chief Innovation Officer, SCCSCC Video Analytics in collaboration with SeeQuestor demonstrate the huge potential of video analysis combined with AI in video investigation activity. How will real time VA make a difference to our customers in the future?
10:50AirboxWilliam Moore – Chief Executive, AirboxAirbox MOSAIC is providing customers with situational awareness and collaboration capability across multiple devices and platforms. William will outline its versatility in the field and the control it brings to mission operations.
11:10Think RFSteve Blades – Head of Sales, Think RFThink RF is a world leader in software defined spectrum analysis. How is this technology applied to the world of signals intelligence, surveillance and countermeasures?
11:30HYASSasha Angus – VP Intelligence and Service, HYASHYAS’ COMOX platform is changing the game in the identification and tracking of hostile actors in the both commercial and public sector markets. Sasha will outline some real use cases which will highlight the power of the product and guarantee further questions!

Qlik is helping UK police to drive deeper insight and better decision making through the use of Qlik’s total policing solution. Our presentation today will highlight real life examples of how combining data from disparate sources and providing this data in real time for users to explore freely, helps to drive major efficiency, productivity and performance improvements across all areas of a Constabulary.


12:10Final Thoughts and Summary 

Ian Sherratt interviewing Nick Gargan (Police Consultant) and Mike Neville (CEO Super Recognisers International Ltd)


12:30Networking / LunchAllLunch will be served




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