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 Delivering IT solutions to keep the UK safe and prosperous


Delivering IT solutions

to keep the UK safe and prosperous


The UK Government published a National Security Capability Review which acknowledges the increasing and diversifying threats to our country and the role that technology and its exploitation must play in order to identify and overcome these threats. To support this the government has introduced the Fusion Doctrine – an approach that aims to bring together all of the UK’s capabilities; cutting edge defence technology fused with other levers such as dedicated specialist resources, economic opportunities and political influence.

To sustain strategic advantage in a constantly changing world, the Security and Defence Sector must continuously adapt. As the amount of state-based cyber-attacks continues to rise, developments in technology will continue to transform the future crime landscape, with advances in AI, IoT and autonomous systems having the potential to initiate disruptive change, as well as creating new opportunities for both criminal and law enforcement exploitation.

To address the changing nature of crime, it is imperative that Defence organisations embrace modern business practices to establish a culture that nurtures transformation and innovation. At SCC we are helping many customers reshape the way they do business by supporting their digital transformation journey.

Key Challenges and Solutions in the National Security & Defence Sector

Service Desk  Hybrid Cloud  Supply Chain Services  Legacy Maintenance  Project Management  Cloud Migration  Data Consolidation  Specialist Skills  Flexible Resourcing  Forensic Cyber Security  Video Analytics Service  SMART Buy  

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