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Smoothing the data pathway to our communities

Smoothing the data pathway

to our communities




SCC’s Local Government business focuses on establishing an effective basis for Councils and other related organisations to pave the way to self-sufficient business models and citizen centric services. It does this by using technology to yield more time, money and capability back to these organisations and underpins transformative new ways of working through new agile environments that allow for increased choice in how people access information, systems, and data. By understanding how to use data to unlock insights that deliver progression, increased automation that reduces risk, and new platforms that facilitate models for surplus revenue generation, SCC can legitimately affect these critical conversations with our customers and in turn be increasingly relevant in today’s Local Government sector.

Having a coherent and integrated strategy which assimilates the development of our solutions in both the Local Government and Healthcare sectors is key to providing vital and relevant cohesive services for our customers. The ownership of Social Care delivery linking with the issues that the NHS faces with patient flow and care quality for example, provides a key focus for SCC as there is an increasingly close relationship between these topics. The need for joined up thinking and working to address the biggest problems in our society has never been greater, along with the need for IT to help shoulder some of the burden.

SCC was the right choice for Norfolk County Council when we started the necessary enterprise upgrade and refresh project that modern IT dictates. Working closely together we have helped more than 7,000 members of staff from across the county to migrate to the latest Microsoft operating systems, with minimal downtime and within very ambitious timeframes. We are now able to deliver the best range of modern-day council services we can to our community, but also deliver a significant saving to the Authority.

Kurt Frary

Infrastructure Services Manager, Norfolk County Council

As our reliance on IT has increased steadily over recent years, we partner with SCC for the delivery of key IT projects. Upgrading of our end users client devices to the latest operating systems, through to complex data centre infrastructure upgrades and migration projects. Their teams of solution architects, engineers, project managers, technical experts have always met our expectations, deadlines and budgets. Having an account manager with years of local government experience and knowledge provides the council with solutions that meet our expectations. Thanks to SCC we now have a resilient IT infrastructure that allows us to build a Digital service that can engage with the residents and businesses of Wirral.

Peter Moulton

Infrastructure Manager, Wirral Council

SCC has been providing high-quality IT products and services to Staffordshire County Council for over a decade. Their pre-sales team work closely with us to ensure that our IT spend, IT benchmarking and IT operation meets with our overarching public service mandate. The independent advice and knowledge, that SCC provides, gives us great confidence that they fully understand our business requirements and constraints that helps inform our IT Strategy. This is a relationship that has been built on the mutually beneficial pillars of trust and reliability.

Stewart Cottiss

ICT Procurement & Contracts Manager, Staffordshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council have worked with SCC since 2005 when they won contracts for the supply and maintenance of server and storage hardware and software licensing. Since then the relationship has grown and SCC have gone on to both retain those contracts when tendered and win further business on the provision of client devices. SCC have assisted in transforming the way the Council delivers their hardware provisioning to the client now providing full service from cradle to grave for all our client devices. SCC are also working alongside the Council in their journey to the Cloud to ensure any software licensing requirements are met. We look forward to the relationship between the two organisations continuing in the future.

Lorraine Dennis

Category Manager for Chief Executives Department, Nottinghamshire County Council

Key Challenges and Solutions in the Local Government Sector

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