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The challenge of improving frontline services for citizens is putting local authorities under huge strain. By making information easier to access and facilitating a greater self-service initiative, government organisations can thrive.


An ageing population, an unpredictable political landscape and a lack of funding are among the challenges the local government sector are facing and will continue to face.

A study from the Social Market Foundation suggested that increasing prosperity in the future would drive higher expectations of public service quality and convenience. It also implied that there will be ‘huge opportunities’ to apply innovations in technology and big data to improve the productivity of public services.

One way in which these challenges can be addressed is through a managed digitisation solution.


Document digitisation

By collating and integrating paper and digital records a single view of the citizen can be created, allowing authorities to utilise the latest innovations.

Usingdata analytics, employees can make more informed decisions and provide a more personalised service to citizens to match their requirements.

Combining all citizen information into one centralised place also supports collaboration and the implementation of shared service models between public sector organisations. This drives efficiency improvements and cost savings.


The benefits of managed document services

Through a digital document management solution, local authorities can benefit from improved data management, accessibility, and collaboration.

SCC’s managed document services can help local government authorities improve their efficiency, streamline workflows, and reduce costs. We have developed a number of solutions specifically around our work withlocal governments that include:

  • Scanning
  • Inbound Correspondence
  • Outbound Correspondence
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


We help you prepare for the future

SCC improves efficiency by supporting the management of authorities’ digital or digitised files and applying data harvesting technology and business rules to automatically categorise files and apply retention policies.

Digitisation services allow data silos to be identified andeliminated to create an integrated, indexed view of all data heldby the organisation. This is particularly important following recent changes to data protection with digital versions of documents more secure than paper.

The security and integrity of the data is also ensured, as it is stored in either on-premise or an accredited secure hosted solution, such as SCC’s secure cloud platform, Sentinel.

Benefit from:

  • Increased data security
  • Predictable, controllable, and appropriate expenditure
  • A single, integrated view of the citizen via document digitisation
  • Increased accessibility to relevant information for staff and citizens
  • Increased data security protection
  • Easy access to relevant historic information
  • Faster data replication of digital data
  • Enhanced collaboration between partner organisations


With SCC as a key partner, you can benefit from enhanced data management, accessibility, and collaborationthrough secure document digitisation. This will help local authorities to protect citizens with secure access to a compliant IT infrastructure that safeguards documents, data, networks, and devices from internal and external security breaches.