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With police forces needing to significantly reduce operational costs while improving operational efficiency, moving to secure consumption of cloud services helps to provide agile and scalable citizen services.

Organisations of all sizes are adopting hybrid cloud to improve growth and development, gain agility and provide more efficient ways of working. As the public sector goes through the landmark transition to become digital-first, they too can prosper from the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy, improving the way data is stored, delivered and secured.

The ‘Policing Vision 2025’ sets out a number of goals for delivering police business functions in a more consistent manner in order to deliver inter-operability across the police service and improved efficiency.  Hybrid cloud can help forces achieve these goals through enabling better collaboration, mobility and productivity, with a lower cost of ownership. Here’s how:


Increased collaboration, mobility and productivity

By adopting a hybrid cloud solution, police services are able to communicate and share information and data more easily, transforming the service for officers, staff and citizens. Police forces and other public sector stakeholders can quickly access data held in the cloud to allow inter-operability.  For employees, it allows better collaboration, allowing multiple users to share and work on documents and information at the same time. For citizens, they can benefit from the more efficient service created.


Cost savings

By moving to cloud, substantial savings can be made through a reduction in spending on equipment, legacy infrastructure and new software. Large investments on hardware, software and licensing are taken care of by the cloud service provider with police forces only requiring to pay for what they need, on a pay as you go, subscription-based cost structure.

SCC offer public sector customers with a range of services covering both public and private cloud infrastructure with the advantage that we can provide additional options to increase the availability, security, manageability and portability of cloud implementations.


Better security

As a major holder of sensitive public information and secure data, the police service is challenged to keep citizens’data secure whilst complying with increased regulations. SCC is well positioned to help with these challenges as we own manage three Tier 3 data centres in the UK that house our own private cloud environment, Cloud+, and our secure, government accredited cloud environment, Sentinel.


Benefit from SCC’s Universal Cloud Services (UCS)

SCC’s UCS is a managed service, allowing police forces to consume cloud services from multiple providers, with visibility through one management platform and one consolidated monthly bill. The platform provides detailed billing insights, data usage reports and analytics to enable the organisation to track consumption and rationalise infrastructure, minimising waste storage and bandwidth.

Working alongside the police service, SCC provides consultancy services based upon our extensive public sector experience, advising on which workloads are best suited for a cloud environment to help deploy the optimum model for applications, security requirements, and budget.

Hybrid cloud allows the police service to take advantage of unlimited resources based on demand-driven usage and move workloads to their optimum environment for performance. Click here to find out more

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