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As cyber criminals up their hacking game, healthcare needs to ensure its confidential data is safe and secure. This is how a SIEM solution could offer that much-needed protection.

The devastating effects of WannaCry will have a lasting impact on the reputation of healthcare’s data security, and it’s an incident that must not be repeated.

Healthcare organisations are under immense pressure to protect their IT infrastructure, patient details and business information. But it’s no easy feat. Managing and updating legacy systems, as well as a shortage of in-house security skills is interfering with healthcare’s ability to protect its IT.

The struggle to detect cyber attacks early is apparent. But a security incident and event management (SIEM) system could hold the answer.


Whats SIEM?

SIEM has become an important area of any organisation’s security strategy. It’s a set of threat detection technologies that work alongside each other to provide organisations with a holistic view of their cyber security status. By collecting and correlating log data from a range of sources, anomalous activity can be detected and staff alerted instantly, providing time to react as needed.


How SIEM protects Healthcare

SIEM enables healthcare organisations to provide medical professionals with secure access to a compliant IT infrastructure that protects their data, network, applications, and devices from internal and external security breaches.

With SIEM, clinicians can have confidence that they are making decisions from correct, complete, highly available and consistent data. Finance departments can have confidence that procedures are coded correctly and revenue streams from the CCGs are correct and timely. As well as all of this, the healthcare organisation’s reputation can be protected.


SCCs managed SIEM service

SCC’s SIEM service delivers a complete view of visible and ‘invisible’ security threats to your organisation. Delivered from our UK-based security operations centre, we offer security solutions that will protect every aspect of healthcare’s IT network and infrastructure. We can also help to reduce spend on security monitoring and risk management while offering the most resilient protection.

Our SIEM solution helps to identify, manage, reduce and optimise. It identifies and responds to threats, manages compliance and regulations, reduces the cost and complexity of managing security and optimises your infrastructure investment.

Using IBM QRadar, the market-leading advanced analytics engine, SCC’s managed SIEM service provides proactive security event monitoring and alerting. It collects data from multiple sources and compares it against a globally sourced catalogue of known threats.

To allievate the pressure, SCC removes the overhead of retaining onsite security resources as it has a dedicated team of specialists in a 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC). This centre complies with many government accreditations including ISO 27001:2013, GPG13 security compliance for PSN and PCI Compliance.

Do you want to release both time and resource for your IT department? Then find out more about SCC’s SIEM managed service.