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Smoothing the data pathway, improving patient experiences

Smoothing the data pathway,

improving patient experiences




We are at a fascinating tipping point in the Healthcare sector, especially regarding the UK’s approach to service delivery and how to establish models with real longevity. The Holy Grail still remains the complete patient summary care record, combined more recently with a fully integrated Health record across the multiple agencies touching the patient. This provides the basis for a single version of the truth and a more integrated approach to care. Utopia begins at the point that we can gain enough meaningful insight into our population from the use of new technologies such as data analytics, to facilitate more proactive, preventative and cost effective treatments earlier in the process to improve outcomes.


SCC’s objective is to positively affect all of these aspects, through the Healthcare Solutions we deliver. Feedback provided from our customers and partners helps to constructively shape our Healthcare portfolio and we enjoy access to excellent support through our suppliers’ elite programmes. Our continued investment in this sector ensures that we continue to establish increased relevance and value with our customers. Utilising our significant vendor relationships and large resource capabilities to create specific Healthcare solutions, SCC is in a positon of strength to deliver a compelling and exciting Healthcare brand for the future.
The cornerstone of the relationship between UHNM and SCC is that of valuable and trusted advice. With their vendor agnostic stance, SCC has independently recommended technology solutions and services that we have subsequently implemented and utilised effectively and efficiently. We will continue to engage with SCC, obtaining their input into our future strategy, to ensure we continue to realise the full value of our IT investment.
Mark Bostock

IM & T Director, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

We had a vision to provide greater care to our patients through the use of electronic prescribing of medications, and this was to be fully implemented in the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. This may sound relatively straight forward, however the technical complexity required to achieve it was extensive, coupled with a “last minute” decision to change the way the system was delivered. SCC worked closely with us as at both an advisory and implementation level to ensure that the new solution met our current and future needs, in the limited timescale available. We have a long standing relationship with SCC and the success of this project further reinforced that.
Nigel Gammage

IT Delivery Manager, NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Key Challenges and Solutions in the Healthcare Sector

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