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Document Services

  • Helping to create single view of the patient through collation and integration of paper and digital sources
  • SCC’s Managed Document Services provide innovative digital document management solutions to help Healthcare organisations improve their efficiency, streamline workflow and reduce costs
  • Secure record scanning services assist Healthcare organisations by adding historic paper-based records to their Electronic Document Management systems and Electronic Patient Records
  • Our Managed Print Room solutions include expert scanning services enabling customers to digitise sensitive documents and records without the need to send them off site
  • Storing digitised documents in either on-premise or an accredited secure hosted solution, such as SCC’s secure cloud platform, Sentinel, ensures the security and integrity of the data, documents and records
  • Predictable, controllable and appropriate expenditure with faster access to relevant historic information
  • Helps to deliver the Paperless Agenda set by the Department of Health & Social Care