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Managed Print

3 reasons why managed print is the ultimate quick win for Government

Reduce Costs

In today’s economic climate, public sector spend is under more scrutiny than ever. The cost savings when you get managed print right are significant, creating an opportunity for departments across Government to show large cost savings quickly. SCC’s managed print division, M2, provided £9 million of annualised benefits over five years at Balfour Beatty, and by implementing intelligent printing, Government departments can reduce their costs by up to 35%.

Simplify procurement and contracts

Print estates in most large organisations evolve over time, leaving a mess of contracts and vendors with different renewal dates. This affects the departments that buy and manage the solutions, but also the departments and teams that are using them. The goal is always to have consistency across departments; rationalising supply chains creates cost savings, time savings and supports ease of use and end user adoption. SCC understands that it isn’t realistic for organisations to rationalise their entire estate at once, so it supports a wide range of vendors to ensure transitions are smooth and easy.

Greening Government Commitments

Reducing the overall amount of waste produced is a significant part of the Greening Government Commitments set out in 2016, with “Reduce government’s paper use by at least 50% from a 2009 to 2010 baseline” a point of its own. The way to meet this target will need to be a combination of better IT systems and processes that can reduce the need to print, more intelligent printing systems that give visibility of the entire print estate, and the introduction of MPS best practices. In the first year alone, Balfour Beatty achieved a 24% reduction in paper volume usage from the use of pull printing software.