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Journey to Cloud

Offering Game-changing Transformation Services

UK public sector organisations are being encouraged to look to the cloud for new services, with ‘Cloud First’ as the publicly-stated approach set out in the Government Digital Service policy.

Now an accepted part of the IT environment, cloud services have become a viable and widely-used service option in both the public and private sectors. While questions over cloud’s ultimate stability, security and effectiveness have largely been answered, any organisation embarking on either a cloud migration, or a wider digital transformation, does not do so lightly.

There may be several significant reasons that lead organisations to elect to undertake such a programme:

Improvement in stability of infrastructure

Ability to move work dynamically between providers

Reduced cost base and environmental impact

Improved flexibility and speed of change

Collectively, they make a compelling high-level case to begin that transition programme. Migrating systems to the cloud presents the opportunity to entirely transform applications and processes, among other benefits.

Why Migrate?

More often than not, organisations have already attempted to answer some key questions, or at least have some pre-conceived ideas around where they think the most suitable cloud platform for their migration would be.

Arguably, there is no shortage of decisions to be made and questions to be answered when choosing to migrate to cloud.

In fact, the hardest questions to answer are very often:

  • Where do we start?
  • What have we got already?
  • How much do we spend today?
  • How much will moving to the cloud cost?
  • How much will we save by moving to cloud?

More than a mere technology implementation, cloud based solutions are game-changing transformations aimed at delivering signicant business value

Often a complex and expensive process, unravelling the complexity and nding the right approach can pose a huge problem to the organisation. To this end, we have developed a ‘Journey to Cloud’ discovery and migration methodology.

The Journey to Cloud concept has been created to help organisations make the decision to transition and offers a human-driven interactive approach to maximise the potential of moving to cloud.

Journey to Cloud

Journey to Cloud consists of three key areas that will help drive the consultative approach to customer cloud transitions:

Cloud Maturity Assessment

Through investigation and analysis with key stakeholders, the aspirations of an organisation can be established and a “roadmap” for cloud adoption produced. It is also a valuable benchmarking tool for those who have already started cloud adoption programmes to assess their actual versus perceived status.


Designed to complement our pre-existing technology-based cloud solutions, the methodology can also be used in isolation to answer those hard questions.

Our methodology is broken down into four key functions:

  1. Journey Planning and Cost Modelling
  2. Operations and Platform Transformation
  3. Application and Server Transformation
  4. Target Operating Model

Ultimately when combined, organisations will be able to derive costs, business case and benefits realisation in undertaking the transformation. While we would certainly recommend addressing all four streams within the methodology, the option is available to hand-pick those needed to match individual business focus depending on position in the cloud journey.

Fundamentally these four key areas are driven and underpinned by an overarching cloud strategy. SCC can help with the creation and evolution of that strategy to ensure business and technology objectives are achieved.

Transition Workshop

This is a one- or two-day intensive workshop designed to drive key decisions both from a technical and business perspective. It may highlight holes in the customer’s rationale but is designed to full the elements of the methodology in an intensive manner, saving time and providing the customer with key information BEFORE they embark on any cloud transition.