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New report Breaking Through Bottlenecks indicates that almost nine in ten (89%) IT decision makers believe efficiency savings are a key driver, yet progression is slow.

UK public sector organisations that fail to adopt business process management (BPM) technology are causing ‘bottlenecks’ in their workflow, according to a new report. The research suggested that those that fail to automate standard, rules-based tasks will miss out on productivity gains, as well as the associated cost and efficiency benefits that the wider public would profit from.

The research, which surveyed more than 700 decision makers and influences in the public sector, examined the biggest ‘bottlenecks’ or delays that public sector agencies face in their day-to-day business processes.

It found that just 30% of public sector bodies have implemented any kind of automation technology, with only 7% using menu-driven automation. Only a third (34%) said they find it easy to search and retrieve information across their systems; 40% are not using workflow methods often enough to ensure effective and auditable business processes, and 11% are not using workflow methods at all.

Another significant find in the report was that IT leaders are only involved in procurement decisions at 56% of UK public sector organisations. This could signify a lack of data-led cultures.

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